Friday, June 26, 2009

Transformation Opportunity - 6/26/2009

Today's Mental Image
Study To Show Your Self Approved

The Study of God ??
Theo = God. Ology=the study of.
          Yet, theology has become the study of and statement of belief systems and a discipline centered on human understanding. Somewhere theology stopped being a direct study of God Himself.
          The study of C.S. Lewis, by the formula above, would be c.s.lewisology. That would be the study of his writing and teaching. Yes. But incomplete without a study of the man himself as a being. The study of his being thoroughly informs and sets in context any study of his teachings and writing.
Theology without study of the being "God" is likewise incomplete.

Unlike C.S. Lewis, God is still alive. Unlike most public figures, God is more than willing to submit Himself to study in every way. God is the ultimate reality show - reality study. In fact it is even His wish to interact with all who study Him. It is His wish that every human being would study Him. And - the more we study and interact with God, the more the understanding and experience of His being informs and sets in context our study of His teachings, writings, and history of interaction with humanity and the created order.


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