Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Transformation Opportunity - 6/3/2009

Today's Mental Image:
The Origin: Church Begins

When the church began, it was revolutionary. As a result, the majority of “God’s people” rejected the church and its revolutionary leader. Why? They had lost God in the predictability of their practices. They were satisfied with their conventions and put off by His unconventional behavior. Sadly, the same is happening today. If we’re going to experience God’s power in our churches today, we can’t make the same mistake. We must return to our roots by embracing and engaging in the revolution.
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More Not More
by Bruce Cockburn

there must be more... more...
more songs more warmth
more love more life
not more fear not more fame
not more money not more games
there must be more... more...
more current more spark
more touch deep in the heart
not more thoughtless cruelty
not more being this lonely...

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  1. What a great reminder of our roots and the postive impact that Christ revolution has brought to the world.


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