Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Case Of The Turned Back Curse - 7/30/2009

Today's Mental Image:
The Face Of A Curse
A Message From Pastor Russell Begay
the spiritual can only be conquered by the spiritual
     Pastor Cato was sitting in his house when he heard singing. Home alone, he went to see if his wife who was to be away for the night had returned but no one was home. He looked outside but no one was there and no singing was heard outside. Returning inside he could hear the singing again.
     Pastor listened carefully until he could determine that the singing was coming from an inside wall of the home. This he knew must be a spiritual phenomenon but he also sensed that our God was not in the singing. It was the singing like a medicine man or sorcerer. In his culture, it was the kind of phenomenon that came from someone placing a curse on another person or place.. A Godly man, Pastor Cato immediately turned to prayer for the spiritual can only be conquered by the spiritual. Pastor asked the Lord to turn the curse back upon its sender to show God's power in the Jesus Christ. After praying the singing stopped and the pastor slept peacefully and undisturbed.
     The next day there came a knock at the pastor's door. A old powerful medicine man from the reservation who had been strongly opposing the Christians stood there very disfigured and contorted about to die. This was the man who had asked the spirits to send the singing curse. At the very time the pastor had prayed the man had suddenly been convulsed and contorted into his current condition. He acknowledged that the Christian God was the true God and more powerful than the spirits and begged Pastor Cato to pray for him.
Fictionalized based on an experience related by Pastor Begay
 at the National convocation on Evangelizing Ethnic Americans

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