Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Transformation Opportunity - 7/14/2009

Today's Mental Image:
Yes! Today !!
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"I see a spirit of rage entering into the hearts of the reprobate. They will inflict pain upon the Christian population. "

"Many will seek to seduce the anointed."

"It will be a passion of the wicked to strip the anointed of their spiritual authority."

"I saw a perversion against religious leaders; a movement in our land to sleep with men and women of God, and to take away their spiritual authority."

"This will be a big year for lustfulness and perversion."

"I see a perverted surge especially upon children and upon the Church."

"Keep yourselves pure; people of God. Live accountable to one another . . . Safeguard yourselves in radical ways from these deadly arrows."

Besides death and perversion, there will be an ever increasing spirit of tolerance and acceptance demanding God’s holy people to remove every last biblical standard."

“[Now] is only the beginning of these things.”

"The Christian church must be ready to respond in love, just like Jesus and His disciples did."

"We must overcome by the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony, according to Revelation 12. Not loving our own lives even unto death."

"We must love our persecutors and offer them mercy and salvation even right up to our very last breath."

"In all of this the church must become a force for intercession in this backslidden nation. See Luke 13: 'Why cumbereth anymore the ground with this tree? Cut it down!.' But the intercessors prayed and said “give us one more year and we will dung about it and we will work it and if it doesn’t produce fruit, then come back and destroy it. But give us one more year.'”

". . . there is a calling, there is a calling for the church to wake up [now] and to be serious about following the teachings of Jesus Christ."

"God said, 'I will spare this land for the sake of my righteous ones who have not soiled there garments with evil deeds'. (Revelation 3) 'But first I will shine a bright light of judgment on the body of Christ."

"I will expose the hidden things."

"This will be a year for my people to come clean."

"This is a time to humble yourselves."

"Stop acting righteous without living in the fear of the Lord."

"If you don’t humble yourselves, I will soon humble you. So humble yourselves under the mighty hand of God and He will lift you up.”

“Stop pretending."

"Stop judging others for the same things you do yourselves."

"Hurry up and show mercy before you reap the judgment you have sown."

"This is a year for church people to forgive and forget . . . It is a time to let people off the hook. If you forgive others, I will forgive you. If you condemn others I will come down hard on you [now].”

“I’m going to shine a spotlight on the church. The whole world will see the good, bad, and ugly . . . This is a year of reform for the Christian church.”
“The majority voice [our majority voice] is saying we do not want Him [God] to rule over us in any way whatsoever.”
by Chuck Balsamo
Pastor Destiny Family Center
Charoletteville Virginia Area

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