Sunday, July 19, 2009

Transformation Opportunity - 7/19/2009

Today's Mental Image:

Who Cares About Truth !!
'Your Truth Is Not My Truth; My Truth Is Not Yours.'
Who Cares About Happiness?
      The pursuit of happiness is a logical response if we are a pure product of evolution, not created. If we are our own maker, the maker of our own destiny, then happiness is of our own making.  Happiness must come from where we come from - the evolution of our species.  The fact we have not perfectly embraced happiness must, therefore, mean that it has not yet evolved into the norm. Our pursuit of happiness merelyreflects our forward movement in evolution.  After all evolution depends on us.  Our evolving happiness is an expression of the law of the Univesre unfolding.

      But, if we are created, if we are the subject of a created universe broken by sin, then happiness is not evolving.  Happiness is a gift of creation to be discovered.  Happiness is a creation of the Creator and made for our pleasure and wholeness.  Happiness is part of the pursuit of discovering the potential of the created order and our place in it.  Happiness requires redemption of our fallen condition.  A recreation by the Maker from our fallen state to our intended relationship and manner of living. Happiness then is a by-product of the prusuit of truth, a part of what is true, not broken thus false.

      Yes, your basic beliefs, your world view do make a cataclysmic difference.)

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