Monday, August 3, 2009

How People Grow - Session 3 - 8/3/2009

Today's Mental Image:
Reconcile Life to the Way God Created It
To the Created Order
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How People Grow
by Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend
Discussion Starter of Small Group Wednesday
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1. They needed to trust God to control what happened in their lives and relationships. Self-control was the fruit of giving up the God role and regaining the human role of yeilding! How are you trying to control something or someone?
How are you trying to control something or someone?
2. A key component of growth is grace -- enough grace to open up and bring things into the light to be healed! Judgment, however, keeps us from bringing all of who we are into relationship to be healed and to grow.

  • Under whose judgment do you feel you sit? What fears or needs might lie behind the person's behavior?

  • Whose judge have you appointed yourself to be? What fears or needs are behind your behavior?
A person getting out from under the control of another is powerfully free! This freedom leads to autonomous functioning and self-control, an essential ingredient of responsibility.

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