Sunday, August 30, 2009

Is Science Proving Devolution - 8/30/2009

Today's Mental Image:
At least in astronomy and morality, science seems to be proving "devolution" where it set out assuming an  improving natural order.

Devolution in astronomy (based on expanding understanding of black holes) and in morality (empirical studies showing a worsening state of morality in the otherwise advancing civilizations) provide a revelation of the weakness of the foundational assumption of science.
Most religion including much of Christianity shares with science this foundational assumption of an evolving improvement in the human condition.  In practice, we in Christianity actively use this positive assumption to justisfy our living rather than using it to correct and repair our vision and the breach we live in.
The new evidence for devolution challenges the truth of the operational foundation of very lives.  Operational foundations, worldviews, form the basis for living, studying, and filtering the decisions and evaluations of the every aspect of life. False views eventually produce devastating results.
All that "negative talk" in God's biblical revelation may turn out to be right -- may turn out to be for today not just some more degenerate past.

If we will let truth repair the vision.  We might start
standing in the breach.

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