Friday, September 11, 2009

A Facet Cut Upon My Soul - 9/11/2009

Today's Mental Image:
Huge uncut yellow diamond: 82.5 carats! At the Natural History Museum
A Diamond In The Rough
      My life was like an uncut gem                
     All rough & angles sharp,                      
     Its brilliance dimmed as by a veil,         
    No gleam or sheen, all dark,                 
    But the master's hand worked miracles,
     Each pain and woe or trust or test         
     A facet cut upon my soul,                      
   He watched the work and blessed.        
The art of cutting diamonds
And even when it seemed to me        
 No other Facet could he add               
  That pain and suffering had wrought    
   A gleam and sheen that made him glad.
  Still other processes there were          
  To polish, and the gem to set.             
    For now become a gleaming jewel rare,
      I must be made ready for his service yet.
12.01 carat Emerald cut diamond ring with baguette diamonds on shoulder in platinum
by Mabel M. Brown
[from my mother's scrapbook]
Finish-Cut.   -   Diamond

What an amazing thought!   
              If we shy away for pain and suffering,
         We can never become the diamond
We were made to be.           
         Even when cut to a brilliant sheen,
  If we rebel against our setting
  Our beauty remains lost,        
Forgive us Lord!

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