Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Fraidy Cat Evangelicals - 9/1/2009

Today's Mental Image:
fraidy cat
"Fraidy Cat, Fraidy Cat"
- Meet the  -
Fraidy Cat Evangelicals
That's what I was taught to be. 
Afraid of the devil.  Afraid of those "other" __________. 
 Afraid of non-____________. 
Afraid of ___________ .

That's how most evangelicals I know live -  
An us versus them mentality
with the idea we must protect ourselves for the "others"
or at least that we don't share about our religion.
I have been mortified to hear church elders even say,
  "Everyone's religion is a private matter."
"We shouldn't talk about it."
Among us ...
Fear generates anger, isolation.
Listen to our political statements.
Listen to our reactions against the world.
Listen as we talk about today's world.
Listen when we talk about end times
Look at the two camps our children settle in -
Anger! -- Isolation!
The Mark of Our Teens
and Young Adults
Look at how we react to
 a prophetic word spoken among us.
Look at how we treat
Look at how most churchs
treat their pastors!
We are among those you are afraid and shrink back! 
Too often we do not acknowledge our fear!
Or, if we do, we fail to articulate
what we are afraid of!
We Are Not Supposed To Be
Those Who Are Afraid.
We Are Not Supposed To Be
Those Who Shrink Back!

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