Thursday, December 17, 2009

Under Grace What Is Sabbath Rest? - 12/17/2009

Today's Mental Image:

Better Than A Nap

God's Call In Both
The Old And New Testaments

It is God, the Shepherd, who leads us into green
pastures beside still waters

and gives us rest!
It is He who renews our strength there!

We also listened to the call of Jesus to come to him with our burdens and to receive rest.  He teaches us how to work with him in a way that is not burdensome.

[all comments by Brad Carpenter - some modified]

Isaiah 28:11-13 is a key Old Testament Passage concerning rest.
It's message equally, if not doubly, applies to us today under grace.
See also Isaiah 30:15 to reinforce the message of rest. 
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