Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Place of Faith and Feelings - 2/3/2010

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Chart Your Emotions

MANY DAYS, you’re going to wake up LOW on the FEELING of a life that’s not even close to being perfect. Many times, you will FEEL like the whole world is STILL crashing in on you…
To counter this… you have to effectively police your feelings EVERY DAY, ALL YEAR!

•It’s believing (FAITH, not feelings) that moves the mountains!
•Faith is solid ground… feelings are shifting tides!
•Faith makes the invisible, visible!
•Faith acts before the obstacle backs up!
•Faith leads with courage until feelings eventually buy in!
•Faith comes from the SPIRIT of man… feelings come from the MIND!
•Fear is confidence in the devil just as faith is confidence in God!
•By faith, God created EVERYTHING… faith activates Gods creative power!

Just like the profoundness of a caterpillar morphing into a butterfly, something historical happens every time another FEELER morphs into a BELIEVER! I promise you… there’s a beautiful set WINGS on the other side of this… a life no longer grounded with feelings… you’re becoming a new species, a WINGED CREATURE ready for a whole new life of flying!

To the person who BELIEVES, all things are possible! Don’t confuse believing with FEELING!

written by Chuck Balsamo
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