Wednesday, October 27, 2010

If We Do Not Love Those Whom God Loves, He Promises He Will Punish Us!

By insulting the poor,
   you insult your Creator.
   You will be punished
   if you make fun
   of someone in trouble.    
                                   Proverbs 17:5 [CEV]

 "When we meet the poor and are touched by their condition, it transforms us. 

"God holds a special place for the poor in his heart and in his commands to Israel and the Church.  His heart also is touched.  We ignore or put them down to our peril.
"It is interesting that God does not make any differentiation among the poor based on why that is their condition.  That's our ungodliness showing when we do.  I guess we are wiser than God.

I am shocked at the statements I have read regarding health care, etc., where people say they don't want any of their money going to those "low lifes" - the poor."  (emphasis mine - I have lost the reference to the source)

The following is from a friend of mine who knows "poverty" - both by exposure to the desperate poor and by personal experience - but knows "faith," too.  Knows the God of no excuses who somehow sees you through.

For that Mother and child!
She eats as if there is no tomorrow, yet with a smile of lack satisfaction, asking for more,not knowing there is no more, substitution for something less yet fulfilling, not complaining. 
There is something about you. 

Tears fills the eyes of a Mother,
Child showing humble signs of hunger.
A cracker & a spoon makes it a Little  better.
Tears fill the eyes of a Mother,
As a child looks into a place of wonder, giving back a empty bowl.
Tears fill the eyes of a Mother,
As she rubs her belly starving self and the seed with in, cause the born seed showed a sign FORCED to be reckon with.
Yet the gardener no where to be found.

Hearing the  words "Mommy" hands reaching as Peter reached to Jesus, "My GOD save ME", picking child up, child putting head on shoulder, BOOM, BOOM, BOOM. Heart beat one accord...
Quite hearing a knock on the door, telling your rent is due, time is spent and there no more.
He looks at his Mother as if time never existed for that moment, that's his Providence, and the knock was only a jester of entertainment.

She sleeps as if there is no tomorrow, yet with the peace of a satisfaction of ASKING FOR NO MORE.

There is something about you... Faith

"To that Mother and That child"
Chasna Spotwood
Unkaboy Productions © 2010

Sure the writing's rough.  The language of poverty is rough! The emotions, the circumstances, the choices of poverty defy the imagination, the reasoning, the empathy of those who have not starred into it face-to-face.  Lived on its edges. Barely existed in its dredges.

But God has a heart.  When what He created and said, "It is good," becomes broken, becomes a tool that beats and batters and undercuts and maims, God has a heart.  That's why He favors the poor and does not cast more stones in their way or more condemnation at the condition.
God has compassion for brokenness.  Remember His compassion for your sins.  Or maybe then you didn't have any sins.  Any need for His compassion.  Maybe that's why you do have compassion for the poor, for poverty's struggles.

You've known grace.  Though many who stand condemned don't recognize their lives, their condition in their sin as a gift of His grace.  You've known grace.  And that is why, if you do not love the poor -whom He loves, He promises to send your ungrateful, love betraying, God's will betraying self to Deep Punishment.  If not in this life, then in the next.

By insulting the poor, you insult your Creator. You will be punished if  you make light of someone in trouble. 


Poetry for Poverty by Jerry Lindholm
NYC contrasts, poverty and richness by © olditaliantree
American Poverty by Monroe's Dragonfly
Harman passed out on the sidewalk by © ANGIE8803
The awesome (creepy) homeless man by © kateymsu
Poverty by betbele
Poverty-taking-a-bath-bodigaya by © rickiesmind

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