Wednesday, June 1, 2011

What Do Islam And Reformation Have In Common?


General conscious seems to hold that the sins, the prevalence of sin, in American society have become more glaring.  Certainly, the radical Muslim world declares our weakness in this area though we don't like that truth being a basis for their hatred and violence. Clearly the presumptions and practices of American society have become set adrift from our country's moral roots. 

A rising voice in American society declares that the American church has also drifted from its biblical roots/values.  American Christianity is being carried away by the cultural beliefs and values of the day.  Some points at issue:

New Cultural Value                      Church Digression
No fault divorce                           No teaching against divorce
Premarital sex as norm                Premarital sex as an expected sin
Capitalism                                  Abandonment of Jesus' teaching
                                                  (Matthew 19:23-34,
                                                   James 1:10-11, 2:1-7, 5:1-3)
Many paths to God                     Unaccountable Universalism
Separation of church & culture   Culture as judge of religious values

Not a comprehensive list, nor without controversy, this list is merely presented as a thought starter for evaluation of the church's captivity to culture. 

Nor are these issues the focus of this blog.


If you review biblical and Christian history, when flagrant sin becomes the norm, when God's people abandon his declared will, his values, the presence of "prophetic voices" increases among us. 

Prophetic voices declare, "Thus says the Lord."  Prophetic voices set before us "good" and "evil" and call God's people to declare "Whom then will you serve?  Man or God?" They call us to demonstrate our status as "God's people" by reforming our ways and visibly living out God's values. 

Teachers and most preachers help us obtain knowledge. Pastoral voices may call us to revival. But prophetic voices call us to radical reformation.


What are we choosing today?  Information only.  Ears tickled with unanswered calls to revival?  Quick memory loss when confronted with a prophetic message?

Think about it.  Who is your fellowship most likely to force out?  A teacher. A preacher of revival. Or, a prophetic voice.  Hopefully not all of the about.  Who makes us the most uncomfortable?

Reformation is demanding.  Reformation is more than a change of heart.  Reformation is more than a change of mind.  Reformation is radical repentance.  Reformation is a radical turn away from what we are, from how we live.  Reformation moves beyond restoration to transformation.

When do cultures transform? 

When the people of God experience a reformation.

It is time to give up our religion and once again embrace Life.

Does any of this resonate with you?

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