Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Of Politics And The Death Of The Leaven Of Christ In America

Of Politics And The Death Of The Leaven Of Christ In America

I  believe that the cultural and political trappings of many in the churches offend God and bring great disrepute on the name of Jesus Christ. 

When conservative theological beliefs became substitutes for Holy Spirit guidance the original fire of the then labeled fundamentalist group was lost and a dire phariseeism took its place.  All of this simply fulfilled the warning of Christ and scripture.  The law (legalism in any form) kills.
Then the capture of the label Conservative Christian and its twist to mean Conservative politics became the logical next step in the loss of a life of faith under the leading of the Holy Spirit.  That step transformed us from strangers and aliens in this world (citizens first and foremost of the Kingdom of God) to a party under the factions in this world.  And, yes, a similar transformation occurred in the liberal branches of Christianity. 
I am grieved by so much done and said in the name of Christ.  I am horrified by the beliefs and actions which clearly nullify the example of Christ concerning "how then shall we live."  The turning of the main culture against Christianity and Christ simply parallels this downward spiral among those who are Christian by human claim only, in name only, but not by the power and life of a resurrected Lord.  It is so hard to not want to lash out, or to isolate myself.  It is so much harder to present truth.  To call out "thus says the Lord."
The price paid - rejection, vilification, etc. - sometimes has very practical physical and mental effects.  How, O Lord, how can I remain faithful when the grief and struggle lead so closely, so constantly, toward death?

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How do you think we should be engaged with culture and politics?
What is the call of the gospel in relationship to our earthly nation?
How might that look (effectively done) in relationship to those who are enemies to the righteousness that comes from God?

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