Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Using The Bible As A Commentary Rather Than The Source

"My Beliefs Are Based On The Bible," 
many people say.

Tell you what -- I think that's a lie.  In case after case, belief after belief, application after application the Bible, if you are honest, is not really your source.

The way thinking and deciding are done in our society... the way beliefs are formed in our culture springs from many sources but only rarely is the original source personally the Bible.

We use ourselves as the source. We use our church as the source. We let the culture, the news, our friends, peer pressure, the street, commentary, gossip, the world, or Sunday School class be our source. Occasionally someone will use a systematic theology as their source. But the Bible as source -- examine yourself -- that's seldom the case. 

Our beliefs are the reason we go to the Bible.  For most Bible study our beliefs are even our source.  We go to the Bible for proof of our beliefs, for justification for our beliefs, for a narcotic to assuage our beliefs. You see -- despite our disclaimer of our beliefs being based on the Bible --

In Reality Our Bible Is Merely Used As A Commentary
Not The Source.

Robert M. Gates sworn in as Secretary of Defense Dec 18, 2006 by Marion Doss @ Flickr
Some Of My Small Collection Of Biblical Commentaries by pchow98 @Flickr

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