Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Faith Means The Opposite Of Reinforcing The Status Quo

Religion Works Great When It Amplifies Faith
"Religion ... makes it easy for your peers to encourage you to embrace your faith. ...  Religion at its best is a ... consistent reminder that belief is okay, and that faith is the way to get where you're going. ... The reason we need to talk about this, though, is that often religion does just the opposite.  Religion
at it worst reinforces the status quo, often at the
 expense of our faith."
[title & quote - Seth Godin]

Church at its best amplifies faith. Legalism reinforces the status quo. Tradition, when it amplifies faith and deepen the congregation's walk of faith, enriches the good soil of the church and produces growth in righteousness and the number of believers. This is a beauty often missed in liturgical churches, but is the dynamic which is drawing many younger Christians to the liturgies. However, when tradition, or any form of religion, is to protect and maintain it reinforces the status quo and crowds out faith. Faith, in fact, means the opposite of reinforcing the status quo. Faith that reinforces the status quo is not faith at all.  Faith always brings change, growth, or it is not faith.
Faith Means The Opposite Of Reinforcing The Status Quo

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