Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Vibrant and Growing ...

A Church Tribe and More
"Growth doesn't come from persuading the most loyal members of other tribes to join you. ... Instead you'll find fertile ground among seekers, among people who desire the feeling they get when they're a part of a vibrant, growing tribe, but who are still looking for that feeling ... I'm talking about people at the fringes ... Begin ... with passionate individuals who haven't been embraced by other tribes yet. As you add more and more people like these, your options become safer and more powerful -- then you'll see the others join you."
Seth Godin

Sounds like Seth was writing to churches, but, really, his focus is on leadership in the workplace. However he defines tribes as groups whose individuals who have something in common.The list is potentially endless.
A Vibrant Church as tribe... Business as tribe... Interests tribes - gym, quilting, arts, books, compassion... sports - like I said the list is endless. We are created to need to be in tribes. However, in the church, we need to be involved in tribes other than our church tribe. And we need to be in tribes beyond our family too.
We can not be the seeds of kingdom growth if all we belong to is our church tribe and its sub-tribes.To be salt and light we must find or start a tribe outside your church tribe and family tribe.
Where else can we be a sweet savor in the world around?
How else can we possibly shine our light into the darkness?

Church near Hemingfold Grange By Truus, Bob & Jan too! @ Flickr.comChurch by mudpig;Church of Transfiguration in Kozlyatyevo by paukrus @;Church by g.norooy @;Church of the Epiphany and St John by stevecadman @;Church of Panagia Paraportiani by frazier.susan @;Modern church architecture by CameliaTWU @;My Team, by Franca Alajandra @;Team StarKid by siriusthinking@ All rights reserved;The tribes of Chakeshan in traditional attires by rajkumar1220 @;Vietnam Reenactor - Vintage 7 by gianni.galli @ All rights reserved;Draft Horse Club by The Official Paul Smith's College All rights reserved;Giants – GrIFK by Oscar von Bonsdorff @ All rights reserved.

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