Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Christianity, Natural Instincts, and the Last Days


Scripture describes a class of humans who in the Last Days will occupy both the world and the churches.
These individuals, this class,  play an enhanced, role in the Last Days before the world ends.  Their a social-cultural, can legitamately be described a huge.

The Consequences of What They Do

What they do undermines and brings into question and ridicule the teaching of God and what it means to live godly or as it used to be phrased to “live in the truth.”

What Is It They Do?
"They follow their natural instincts…” Jude 19
These are the people who create divisions.
These are the people who in truth do not have God’s Spirit dwelling in them.
These are the people to try to pervert truth by:
  • Mocking the teaching of God and scripture
  • Scoffing at the teachings of the Church
  • Imitating or mimicking truth in a way that derides or makes fun of it
  • Leading people and themselves into deceptions
  • Counterfeiting the truth and holiness
  • Being psuedo-Christians in, even members of, Church fellowships and meetings
  • Showing scorn, ridicule, and contempt
  • Their insincere manner of living.
What Does It Mean “They follow their natural instincts?”
In everything they do, including what they do in the church, they follow the human reasonings of the soul – which is the seat of feeling, desire, affections, and aversions.

The Sad Truth
Though they may be spiritual, though they may have had awesome spiritual experiences, even believing or evidencing receiving the Holy Spirit in evangelical, charismatic, or pentacostal ways, they are the ones to whom Jesus says, “Depart from me. I never knew you.” As Jude says in reality “they do not have God’s Spirit in them.”
Beware! Such are the inhabitants of the last days.
(taken from Book of Jude)
Does this bring anything in your church to your consciousness?
 Where to you see this class iof people operating in society, your culture?

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