Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Incinerating A Life & A Spirit

Incinerating A Life & A Spirit

Incinerating a life, incinerating a person's spirit, are nearly unforgivable sins. I'm not talking about how hard it is for that person to forgive the perpetrator, though that takes divine strength. I'm talking about sins that are nearly unforgivable in God's eyes, especially when perpetrated by a fellow believer.

One of the most devastating things a person can do is to tell someone that their greatest life accomplishments didn't really happen.

The fruit of their work, especially of their God given gifts, what we call spiritual gifts, represents investments of their body, mind and spirit. 

They represent the most needed base for their emotional and spiritual life next to a living, active relationship with God Himself.

The second most devastating thing is to tell someone that their greatest strengths aren't true because the attacker is unable to value or receive the work and expression of those strengths. When one spirit sets itself up as the judge and executioner of another person, that judgmental, vindictive action usually destroy's that person's spirit.

It doesn't matter how many ways the executioner tries to justify their judgments and actions. It makes no difference how many scripture verses or experts they quote. The gutting of that man or woman, the sword and cleaver taken to their personhood, self image, and reputation leaves them mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and, to often, physically devastated. Throw in economic devastation and the death is complete. Attacking a man's,a woman's, life and spirit are nearly unforgivable sins.


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