Wednesday, March 21, 2012

This I Know From Experience

This I Know From Experience
It was a large group of people
and as happens, when one brings a judgment
especially a misinterpretation of the facts
or a Satan-inspired judgment
grounded in personal prejudice and playing God,
(One who bears a prophetic evaluation,
a prophetic message, always receives
these kinds of public judgment.)
others gasp and say,
"Oh, this happened too.
It must mean this!"
because when you look through
someone else's dirty lens
-Through Satan's lies-
everything else seems dirty and evil too.
- they dump more judgments,
soon you have a group hysteria - a group rush to judgment,
judgment upon judgment making
a mighty heap of shit
and enemies -

My new enemies thought of me as a broken wall
or a tottering fence,
They planned to topple me,
They delighted in telling lies about me,
Patting themselves on the back for being so wise
And so lead by "the spirit,"
They praised me to my face
But cursed me in their hearts.
In my despair, at last God quieted my heart.
I waited quietly before God.

My victory and honor come from God alone.

My enemies would be so lucky to have as I
King David as my company!

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