Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Praying Peace for Jerusalem but Buying War

Praying peace for Jerusalem but buying war...

Right-wing U.S. cash derailed Israeli peace plan
Praying for peace for Jerusalem while paying for policies, positions, and politics that lead to war or perpetuate war - how can we reconcile that? Where is our openness and cooperation with God's answers to our prayers, to scripture's challenge to pray for the peace of Jerusalem, if we support non-believing Jews and war mongers in the politics that ensure war?
It is so easy to be caught in untenable, even hypocritical positions. Moral bankruptcy, however, creates even worse results. The damage that it does to the name of Jesus and the outreach of his kingdom -  to that we often remain blind.
The moral bankruptcy of the extreme right wing conservatives is revealed again and again in the past four years. Standing morally naked in the light of Christ’s teachings and example... now plainly standing biblically naked and unholy, tainted by the enemies of Christ among the Jews, even standing oppositional to the very scriptures used to sanction their own political positions...where is Christ to that? Where is obedience to the God of history and prophecy?
Jerusalem will never have peace until the massive conversion to Christ that scripture seems to speak of happening before the return of our Lord and Savior. Could our money actually be a barrier to the Jews accepting their Messiah? Shouldn't it be spent supporting God's mission rather than fighting God's hand in history? The questions are not easy. The moral bankruptcy of what has already happened is proof we have not followed God's will.

Tell me when will our churches start weeping in tears and anguish for the shame and distain that has been brought on the Name of Christ and the Church, His Holy Bride.

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