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How Your Congregation Can Be Saved

The Minor Prophets Speak to Today

The Prostitute Church Is
Like A Stubborn Heifer
Hosea 4:15-19 NLT 

But Your Church Can Be Saved! 


Look to God's instructions and teaching!
People who contradict his word are completely in the dark.
Isaiah 8:20 NLT

 Quote from Warren Wiersbe:
Worldly and ignorant spiritual leaders
produce worldly and ignorant peple,
and this brings destruction to  the land.
As goes spiritual leadership,
so goes the church;
as goes the church,
so goes morality;
as goes morality,
so goes the nation.
God's people are to be both salt and light in society;
when they are corrupt,
society becomes corrupt.

 How Can Your Congregation Be Saved?

 Israel is stubborn,
like a stubborn heifer,
So should the Lord feed her
like a lamb in a lush pasture?
Leave her alone
because she is married to her
prostituted spirituality!
Though they take oaths
in the Lord's name,
do not join their false worship.
They are prostituting themselves
with false worship
and the cultural values
of the world.

So the answer is simple!

If you want your congregation to be saved from the spiritual prostitution
that is ravaging the American church,
don't let proof texting and good psychology
replace the whole council of scripture
and the leadership of the Holy Spirit.

Too many congregations and their local leaders,
(and yes, too many pastors and/or their wives)
have bought into a new legalism which 
is sweeping American Christianity.

It an old error.
An error as old as the gnosticism
Paul so carefully challenged 
in his epistles.

"You can have special knowledge!"
"You can have control of your life, of the blessings of God,
and of the oppression of evil forces."
"If you understand the legal framwork
which binds God and 
the evil ones,
can live free, 
break chains,
garner favor,
and even receive wealth."

Did you notice who was on the throne in such teachings?
It was not GOD!
In some forms of the teaching,
the most popular ones,
it is YOU!

In those more bound to the original false theology
which birthed the prostitution of the
American Church,
it is the 
legal system which God 

But, even if that legal system exists
in the manner in which they teach it,
the created is not

In fact, if you study other religions,
you will find that this system and its manipulation
is the heart of paganism.

It is at the heart of Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism,
Confusion, the paranormal,
the spiritualists,
and all New Ageisms.

The same basic belief resulted
in the worship of Baal and Molech
and the other gods to whom the nation of Israel
was prostituting itself.

It is
an old error,
wrapped in new packages,
producing the same false harmonies
in the spiritual nature which 
is part of the creation 
within all human

I know a church which, when I taught pure scripture and issued that call to transformation of its men's lives and beliefs, picked up the titillating teachings of Joyce Meyers and other TV gods. Judged me by their local cultural mores. Abandoned their long stance of resisting the new prostitute teachings. And, replaced them with studies on breaking chains and taking control of their own spirituality. These teachings were much more pleasing to their cultural norms of American independence, an old legalism that was holding them captive and which God sent me to preach against and lead them out of. It was dreadfully sad to watch what replaced God as they sent me away broken, bleeding, and weeping even more severely than I had during my time with them.

And that is just one example, 
of one congregation, that failed to heed
God's message through
the prophets.

God's message in this passage.

If You Want Your Congregation Be Saved from the Prostitution Sweeping the American Church:

Do not join their false worship!
Do not believe the oaths they take and teach!
Leave prostitute Christianity alone-
she is married to idolatry,
not our God!

The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.

Don't go eat in the pasture where the heifers feed,
Stay in God's pasture, among his sheep.

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Cows grazingby dbaron some rights reserved
He makes me lie down in the green pastures by LadyJaws some rights reserved

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