Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Silly, Witless Doves

The Minor Prophets Speak to Today

Silly Witless Doves

Hosea 7:11-12 NLT


"The people of Israel have become like silly, witless doves,
    first calling to Egypt, then flying to Assyria for help. 
But as they fly about,
    I will throw my net over them
and bring them down like a bird from the sky.
    I will punish them for all the evil they do." ___________________________________________________________________________

A parallel to Israel:


     For a brief time at a church I attended worship became like the Jews processing to their solemn God centered worship. We celebrated being invited to enter into God's presence and when this solemn acceptance of God was completed, we fellowshipped - feasting and enjoying the presence of one another and the shared experience of our God.

     When the Holy Spirit led our worship, he often orchestrated deep times of confession and falling down before him. When human planning - we know the form and structure - took over control of worship these times ceased.

     We became a people celebrating human spirituality and good feelings, no longer led by or graced with the presence of the Holy Spirit.

     At that point God's leading withdrew.

     Evil stepped in.

     God's message and messengers were rejected and torn asunder and the past with its arrogance - pride in history, pride that we are better, etc. - returned.

     Forward progress and blessing ceased. Legalistic beliefs set in.

     And it was reported that this was the second time in living history that this had happened.

     Even then the church did not return to God or even try to find him. They embraced the false prophets of today whose mark is the message of "self help" and "legal manipulation of evil."


What happens when the church deserts God's leading and lordship?

     We become like witless silly doves flying here and there for help.

     Now for Israel that meant looking for political help and security from other nations, not God.

     For us it also happens politically. We seek help from the political system:

          Conservative - to help us maintain our status quo
                                 to legislate and enforce morality

          Liberal - to help change the status quo
                        to aid in fighting injustice

     We seek help from our gurus - religious teachers: televangelists, authors, healers, etc. - not God. Trying to get what we want from what God offers without the burden of seeking him and dealing with him directly. Not the way of the New Covenant [Jeremiah 31:31-34; Hebrews 8:6-13]. Cafeteria Style Christianity not the Emmaus Style [Luke 24:13-31].

God's Response:

I will throw a net over you.
I will bring you down to the ground
you were made of.
I will punish the evil that you do!

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A Pair Of Doves Stock Photo by Matt Banks @
Catching Birds in a Mist Net, Seven Islands Wildlife Refuge by Wyoming_Jackrabbit Some rights reserved

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