Wednesday, February 5, 2014

They Are Like An Oven That Is Kept Hot: Part 1

The Minor Prophets Speak to Today

Like An Oven Kept Hot -
Part 1

Hosea 7:3-5 NLT


"The people entertain the king with their wickedness,
    and the princes laugh at their lies. 
They are all adulterers,
    always aflame with lust.
They are like an oven that is kept hot
    while the baker is kneading the dough.
On royal holidays, the princes get drunk with wine,
    carousing with those who mock them."

For you from England and some other countries the first two lines of this prophecy and, more often than not, the third ring as practically true. For America and countries like us, I believe the kings and princes of Israel foreshadow our government leaders, our government officials, and the princes of finance, industry, and business. Either way they are known for their wickedness. In the political parties it is a different favorite sin on either side of the aisle plus some shared wickedness.

Finance, industry, and business laugh at the lies of government. Government delights in the lies of finance, industry, and business.

They are always aflame with lust for power, lust after wealth, and sexual lusts of all kinds. And they are adulterers. Some with other peoples wives and husbands. Some of the married with anything with pants or a skirt on.

But there is an adultery growing among the kings and princes more serious than sexual and financial sins. On both sided of the aisle and everywhere in between there is a lust to play God or to downright believe he is irrelevant. On both sides of the aisle and everywhere in between they spiritually prostitute themselves to the gods and ideas of their own fallen minds.

Nor are these just smoldering coals.They are like an oven that is kept hot while they are kneading the dough.

And holiday or not they get drunk with wine, carousing with those even those who mock them.

If Israel could not stand under the burden of such, how do we think we can.
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