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Windy Talk Creates Tornados


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Windy Talk Creates Tornados

Hosea 8:7-10 NLT
“They have planted the wind
    and will harvest the whirlwind.
The stalks of grain wither
    and produce nothing to eat.
And even if there is any grain,
    foreigners will eat it.
The people of Israel have been swallowed up;
    they lie among the nations like an old discarded pot.
Like a wild donkey looking for a mate,
    they have gone up to Assyria.
The people of Israel have sold themselves—
    sold themselves to many lovers.
10 But though they have sold themselves to many allies,
    I will now gather them together for judgment.
Then they will writhe
    under the burden of the great king.
Israel's their false teachings and false worship roamed like a restless wind. They were hot air in the sight of God. In their prostitution of their relationship with God, they had planted the wind.

What an apt description of the prosperity gospel, the political religious right, and the high place of false teaching among us. It is nothing but wind. And God warns that it will reap a whirlwind which tears and destroys. Popularity or the percentage of people who believe these false teaching does not made them true. God's truth is not democratic. Twisted truths create a tornado. This too is the hand of God.

Even if some good fruit come from their midst, that fruit will be eaten alive by the enemies of God. It has no root. It is choked by the false. It is plucked up by the birds. Because the prostitute church is not good soil, despite its opinion of itself.

And here is the picture of what is to come:

The people of the Prostitute Church have been swallowed up by the evil around them.
        They lie among the nations like a discarded old pot.
                They have sold themselves to the world with the intensity and drive of a wild donkey in
                        They have sold their souls to their lovers.
                                They have formed alliances but sold themselves to their allies in politics,
                                finance, and the fallen culture.

God will gather these followers of false, twisted teachings together for judgment.  They will feel the arms of God's harvest but they will be thrown under the wheels of the bus and into the fire. There they will writhe under the burden of their evil worldly capture.

Most likely this will occur in this world just as Israel's judgment occurred here.
Photo Credits:
Tornado by SchizoDelight

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