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They Will Beg the Mountains, “Bury Us!” and Plead with the Hills, “Fall on Us!”

The Minor Prophets Speak to Today 

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You will beg the mountain, "Bury us!"

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Why Will Prostitute Christians Tremble? 

Hosea 10:5-8 NLT

You will beg the mountain,
"Bury us!"
and will plead with the hills,
"Cover us."

What Will Cause Prostitute Christians To Tremble?

     Because we associate Jesus' repetition of, "They will beg the mountain, 'Bury us!' and will plead with the hills to cover them," we assume any trembling will be at the judgment of God. But, if we look at the words of Hosea, I believe we give God's prostituting children too much credit.

     Their motive is more selfish than that. The seat of their emotion is not the recognition of the hand of God. In fact, this passage does not even give a hint of repentance. They tremble in fear because all that represents the best and glorious of what they have will be taken away and with it their individual and national identity.

     They tremble in fear for what may happen to the things they idolize - the things they worship and which give meaning to their lives. They mourn and wail - both the people and the religious leaders - because the glory of what they center their lives on will be carted off as a gift to the rulers and people of a different country.

And what is it that America and the West's churches worship? To what in our cultures have we prostituted ourselves? 

On The Divine Side What Is Happening?

     God is bringing ridicule and shame upon the prostituting worshipers.

     Because his children trust in things - not their God - and they trust in their own thoughts and ways - not his revelations and instructions, the political and religious leaders and the people will become restless, a dead representative of their former identity.

     They will be tossed about like driftwood on an ocean wave - completely in the control of the whims and powers of the time. As the power in our times shifts rapidly, beware of this tossing.

     The nation and its people will be brought down to a mere memory of what was.

     Places where the people sin and the shrines they created for that sin - their participation in the mindset and "pleasures of the pagans" - will crumble and become places of thorns and thistles, no longer fun but dangerous and abandoned.

Because Of These Loses

     People will be unable to handle the terror and thoughts of terror as their society, their safety, their freedom to pursue their expectations, crumble away.

     Their pleasures will be replaced with fear and terror.

     We've seen it before in the great depression. 

     The world has seen it before in many nations and places.

God Says His Prostituting Children Will See It Again

and soon!

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