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A Footnote to Hosea Chapter 10: The Role of Immigration in the American Church

The Minor Prophets Speak to Today 

A Footnote to Hosea Chapter 10: 


Hosea 10:13-14New Living Translation
“But you have cultivated wickedness
    and harvested a thriving crop of sins.
You have eaten the fruit of lies—
    trusting in your military might,
believing that great armies
    could make your nation safe.
Now the terrors of war
    will rise among your people.
All your fortifications will fall,
    just as when Shalman destroyed Beth-arbel.
Even mothers and children were dashed to death there.

Western civilization - East and West Europe, North and South America, and Australia - like all civilizations before is rotting from within. 

Driven back from its frontiers, the European powers have lost their territories and America the grip of its influence. 

Now, having rejected their God, they including Australia, are being destroyed from within by the immigration of non-Christians who hold their false religions with fervor.

The United States, the great horn which has grown from Europe's head and shares the sin of that continent, has believed the same lies as all the territories of Western civilization. She has also rejected her God and his truth. By internal assault, the destructive reign of 100 years of legalism in the church, produced rebellion in the people. The ensuing biblical and divine ignorance occupies the pews (conservative, evangelical, liberal, catholic - all branches of the church) and marks American society.

God, however, has used immigration in the United States to flood us with a vibrant, alive, and growing Central American population of believers. He has limited the influence of non-believing and false-believing immigrants while offering us the revival in our land for which we have prayed.

But the North American Christians disdain the believing immigrants and thus reject the revival of American culture, the revival of the knowledge of God among us, and revival in the churches. We have rejected God's call to join our Central American brothers and sisters and sit under their ministry. No one gives that call even a passing thought. It is too foreign a concept to Americanized ears. "We are the hope of the world. They need us," our mantra says when God is saying the exact opposite.

So there is steady rise of aggressive false believers among us - both native and immigrant - who reject Christ and all Christianity. The fulfillment of Hosea 10, verses 13 and 14 has began. Gods clarion call sounds among us.

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