Wednesday, September 10, 2014

For Some Day the People Will Follow Me

The Minor Prophets Speak to Today 

A Home for Trembling Doves 

Hosea 11:10-11 NLT

God is more optimistic about people than I am.

I personally am more confident in God's judgment than in his compassion. What an awful thing to say. After all it is God's compassion that has saved me. It is God's compassion that keeps on forgiving me. It is God's compassion that keeps me from the severe judgments and discipline I deserve.

Both are sure - God's judgment and God's compassion.

God's judgement will come to pass. The end time prophecies remind us that the rebellious and the wicked will be destroyed and suffer eternal dying in hell. But God's compassion, his grace, provides us, the few, the remnant, with hope.

We look at Israel today and see continued sin and evil practices. Yes, some of the Israelites have returned to the land promised to Abraham and his seed, but where is the trembling like doves now. As for centuries there remains only a path of punishment and sin. There continues to be a conscious rejection of Jesus Christ their Messiah and God's very own only begotten son.

The same is true of much of the Church, God's supposed to be spiritual children. Compassion, obedience followed by sin and rebellion and the pending fires of judgment.

But God's compassion remains for his children and again the message of hope is wedded to the warning of impending judgment.

God is the only true eternal optimist.

"For someday the people will follow me!"

But first God will roar like a lion.

He will assert his Lordship.
He will demonstrate his fierce presence.
        (He is more than lovie dovie.)
But instead of fleeing
Those who are his,
Those who know his voice
        will return trembling.
They will flock to his presence
        again trembling doves.

"I will bring them home again,"
Means more than a return to the land.
It means home to his bosom
To rest in him.

What a promise remains for all those who identify themselves 
as God's children-
resting in his bosom!


Photo Credits:
Doves At Bird Cage by God Through Anne Terri With The Holy Spirit Some rights reserved @flickr com 

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