Wednesday, October 1, 2014

God Turns Down The Quilt!

The Minor Prophets Speak to Today 

New Sample Quilt

The Church that Boasts, "My Record is Spotless!" 

Hosea 12:6-8 NLT

God's Prostitute Children say:

I Am Rich!

I Have Made A Fortune

All By Myself!


A.     The filth under the quilt at the shelter.

I worked for several years at a men's shelter for Salvation Army. A quit lay on top of each bed and the rule stated it should be straight and flat before leaving in the morning. I glanced in the door before leaving to check for compliance.

But God help us if I turned back the quilt. The nice flat acceptable top hid disgusting filth: dirty night clothes, stained pillows. Unwashed sheets that smelled were covered with dirt and sloughed off skin even bed bugs. The smell could choke.  Evidence of sleeping in their own filth.

bed bugs on the box spring

B.     God turns down the quilt. 

That's exactly what happens in the passage today.

That is exactly what is happening around the world today.

God is turning down the quilt of America and revealing the filth we live in.

God is turning down the quilt of the new Russia and revealing the filth lingering from the past.

God is turning down the quilt of Islam and showing the evil and filth hiding beneath her burqua.

C.     God is turning down the quilt of the church and revealing the truth about her claims.

The people are like crafty merchants

    selling from dishonest scales—

    they love to cheat.
God's prostitute children boast, “I am rich!
    I’ve made a fortune all by myself!
No one has caught me cheating!
    My record is spotless!”

D.     And as God exposes us he says:

So now, come back to your God.
    Act with love and justice,
   and always depend on him!

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New Sample Quilt by Sally some rights reserved @
bed bugs on the box spring by lauren some rights reserved

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