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Matthew 5:4 Erupts in Egypt Today!

A Look At Prophecy In The Gospel of Matthew

Comforted - But How?

Matthew 5:4 NLT


God blesses those who mourn,
    for they will be comforted.


Faced With Death He Received Eternal Joy

This story reminds me of the thief on the cross. At the tiniest spark of faith, in our eyes, Jesus said to him, "This day you will be with me in Paradise."

This African man's story carries into our hearts a taste of the rejoicing in heaven over one sinner saved, despite the setting of terror and his death.

Blessed are those who mourn for we will be comforted.

The Incredible Story of the Response of the Martyrs' Families

Shortly after the release of the terrible video from which the above snapshot was taken, the families of the slain Christians and their churches stunned the world with their response. The brother of two of the men called an Egyptian Christian television program and recounted how, despite the loss of their beloved fathers, husbands, brothers, and sons, the families were comforted by and rejoiced in the fact that their family members had been counted worthy to die for the name of Jesus. For them, it was counted as a great joy to have their relatives and fellow believers numbered among the martyrs, those who have laid down their lives for our Christ.

These accounts echo the words of the first three to five centuries of the early Church. Words that to us have been empty echos from a time we thankfully missed. 

Now, what are we to do with the witness of so many modern Christians and their Coptic congregations? What are we to do with the same receipt of comfort and joy by those who mourn the martyrs of the present age? 

We must ask ourselves, does our view of martyrdom have such joy, such expectation of participation in the glory of Christ. Or does martyrdom our style mean fear, anxiety, or even rage?

Which view reflects the suffering of our Lord and the privilege of participation in His death? Dying as he died for the joy set before him and wrapped in the comfort of Matthew 5:4.

Don't Let Your Culture Stand in the Way of Comfort Giving

A family from one of my prior churches told us of a very different reaction to the loss of their Christian daughter.

In a tragic accident, the girl was thrown from the car while being driven to school by her young teen brother. From my talk with the brother ten years later, it seems they crested a hill and hit a small patch of ice. The car, out-of-control, filled over and landed on its top, the girl pinned underneath.

A double tragedy! One for the family. One for the living brother.

His parents talked about how, for a long time, people stopped talking to them. They stopped greeting them on the street. Some even quickly crossed to the other side rather than face the mourning couple.

When they needed others to be the community of faith and rejoicing, when they needed the hands and feet of Jesus to bring them comfort, they instead found isolation and, whether intended or not, rejection.

If the parents suffered in this manner, imagine what the boy suffered within and outside the family, let alone deep in his own heart and soul.

Only Those who Mourn Need Comfort and They Will Receive It -

no prequalification given.
Jesus' life gives an example of how and who he comforts 
and so of how we should be comforting.

Do we avoid them?
Do we tell them to 'just get over it'?
Did Jesus?

 Will You Be a Part of the Fellowship of Those 

Whose Comfort Brings Forth Joy

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