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The Day of the Lord is Coming: Day 1

The Minor Prophets Speak To Today

The Day of the Lord is Coming: Day 1

When your possessions will be plundered right in front of you!:

Zechariah 14:7-9 NLT


Watch, for the day of the Lord is coming!


The Lord Will Rule the Earth

Isn't that what we anticipate with joy? Isn't that what we believe The Day of the Lord means?

And, yes, that is true.

But that day will be like no other day, It's opening volley is not the total rule of the earth by the Lord Jesus Christ.

There are reasons that scripture, especially the Prophets and Jesus, call that day:

The Great and Terrible Day of the Lord

In Zachariah, before God describes Jesus literal ruler-ship over all of the earth, he starts with a shocker, a dreadful set of events which will fall upon the prostituting Israel - old and new.

And he strikes first at that god that so grips our modern era.

Your possessions will be plundered. They will be gone through by people who wish you ill intent. They will be carried away by whoever can grab them first - the first who want that thing in you possession. Nothing will be left except the garbage and even that will be carried away by the poor and destitute.

The objects of your pride and joy. The gods for whom you have primarily poured out your labor. Your mark of selfishness. Your badge of standing and "success". This god called possessions will be taken from you by the God whom you claimed to serve.

You Jerusalem Will Be Fully Conscious

You will - with eyes wide open - standby and watch this plundering and looting of your house and all the other houses. Given the electronic speeds of the news, the whole world will watch along with you.

We will watch as God gathers the nations to fight against Jerusalem! We will watch while the city falls nearly intact, certainly in shock that it has been taken over so swiftly and completely.

We will watch the houses being looted. We and the male inhabitants of Jerusalem will watch as the women of the city are being raped. And we are talking about modern women, women in the garb and make up of today. Women that look like our own mothers and daughters and sisters.

We will watch in wonder that the Lord has not stepped in to stop these terrors.

We will watch as half of the population of the city are rounded up and marched away - though in Zechariah we are not told where they will be taken. But the cameras will follow as the half of the population disappear over the horizons.

Neither the Cameras Nor the Captors Will Stay

All the capturing armies, all the looters and plunderers, will wreak their havoc and walk away. All the cameras and news coverage will also leave. Only the other half of the population will be left in the city. Left among the ruins.

Now, it may be that the captors leave the city but surround it to be sure the people cannot leave. It maybe that they cut off all supply and assistance. This God has not revealed, at least in this place.

But it maybe, that as the plunder and captives disappear over the hills, the Lord of Heaven will immediately step forward and take the city for himself. For the picture of what comes next defies imagination, but results will be:

The Lord Will Rule the Earth

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