Wednesday, August 10, 2016

The Day of the Lord - But Not The End Of The World

The Minor Prophets Speak To Today

Struck Down By Jesus:

Zechariah 14:16-19-21 NLT


As we have looked, we have seen that the Day of Lord ushers in two things:

A Time of Destruction:

War, destruction. Counter war, destruction. Conquest, plague. How can anyone but the Christ and those who return in the air with him survive?

Yet they do!

For scripture says, "Those who survive will go up to Jerusalem each year to worship the King..."

Jerusalem will take the place of Mecca. Jerusalem will take the place of Rome. Jerusalem will take the place of New York City, and Hong Kong, and Beijing, and any other place where people worship the idols of commerce, comfort, and the false religions.

For Jerusalem will be the dwelling of the Conquering Lord, the Lord Jesus Christ and the seat of his one world government.

The Lordship of Christ Over the Whole Earth:

The world does not become one nation, but Christ's lordship is exercised over all the earth.

We know this because not only do those who survive the plague come to Jerusalem once each year, but the nations of the world will come, representatives of the nations will come to worship His Majesty and acknowledge his governance.

This will be a time of peace because Jesus will rule all nations with an Iron Will and the outworking of his power over all creation.

So - - - if any nation decides not to come to Jerusalem as instructed (disobedience will still reign in the hearts of men and of nations) that nation will be punished.

Image from page 118 of "The national standard squab book" (1908)

The most common punishment will be to be humbled by severe famine. To be made to depend upon God's governance to eat, to drink, to eke out  survival itself. It will not depend on how mighty they are. It will not depend on what great resources they have. It will not depend on the glory they hold in the eyes of their citizens or other men and countries.

They will be humbled until their rebellion against the Lord's governance and rule are broken and the people again subjugated.

There will be peace, but it will come at a price. 

*  *  *  *  *

 Any nation in the world that refuses to come to Jerusalem to worship the King, the Lord of Heaven’s Armies, will have no rain. 

If the people of Egypt refuse to attend the festival, the Lord will punish them with the same plague that he sends on the other nations who refuse to go. 

Egypt and the other nations will all be punished if they don’t go to celebrate the Festival of Shelters. 

The Festival celebrating God's provisions and promises. 

The Feast of the Kingdom of God.

Photo Credits:
Hiroshima, maybe copyrighted.

Image from page 118 of "The national standard squab book" (1908) by Internet Book Archive Images, public domain

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