Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Don't Tell Me: "Just Get On With It!" - 7/28/2009

Today's Mental Image:
Torn Hearts

Healing Hearts !
I open my heart to you like a book.

What you hear is water drawn from deep within the well which is my own inner being. I trust you will find within it that of God, that of goodwill, that of the common ground on which we can continue to work to be our majestic and awesome God's means of healing hearts and lives torn by war, tragedy, trauma, inhumanity, and the very real evils which abound in our world. (For an example click here.)

If it requires guns, group intimidation, armies, and brute force to create these wounds, destroy societies, and traumatize the depths of a heart,
Don't tell me the individual heart needs to just forget it and move on.

If alone a country can not rebuild itself,
If alone a city cannot repair its streets,
Don't tell me families heal alone.
Don't tell me individual hearts heal alone.

Don't tell me there is no need for healing hearts.
To not heal is to be party to destruction.
To not heal is to become destroyed and the destroyer

It is urgent business to heal.
It is urgent to have healing hearts.
Taken from the
by Wayne Anson
(Sept. 2, 2000)

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