Monday, July 27, 2009

How People Grow - Session 2 (continued) - 7/27/2009

Today's Mental Image:
A Growing Creation
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How People Grow
by Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend
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 Seeing The Big Picture
if you want to make sugar cookies:
you need the correct ingredients - you need to follow the recipe
you need to do each step correctly
you need to bake them
if you are going to decorate sugar cookies
you need to shape the cookies correctly before baking
you need to let the cookies cool - you need the correct ingredients
you need to take each step in order
you need to work deliberately and with care
it helps to have a pattern
it works best if someone teaches you first
or should I say works along side you
God created people
to grow we need all of the right ingredients
we need to be shaped correctly before baking
we need to take each step in order
growth requires working deliberately and with care
we grow best when someone works along side of us
God established the recipe
and process for growing people
in the creation
and each new one needs to
follow the plan
work in relationship with others
as well as have the touch of the master's hand
- by Micah 6:8 - Wayne Anson

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