Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Problem of Superiority - 8/25/2009

Today's Mental Image:
Superior! - - How?
Though they carred it to two different extremes
both Darwin and the Nazis
started from the same
The Existence of Humans Who Are Superior
[Nazis by birth / Darwin by stage of development]
God Says:
The opposite of superiority is not inferiority.
The opposite of superiority is humility.
Superiority is always a human judgment of things and people.
Human judgment can not escape the taint of pride.
"This is superior to that."
"I am better than that"
All things lower than God may differ by kind, characteristic, or ability,
But under God exists no difference called superiority.
The problem of place = right relationship to God.
God is great the equalizer.
The presence of God is the equalizer
of all things created.
There are only two ranks in creation:

Under God!

all things under God.

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