Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Where Do You Stand On Choice? - 9/22/2009

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Choices, Choices, Choices!

It Is Our Choice!

We have a choice.  We can either bring about the return of God through what we believe are apocalyptic times ... a war that the world has never seen before, or we can bring about the return of our God by loving our neighbor.  It is our choice. [gymjoe101: youtube - The Balkan War 1991-1995]

How Then Shall You Live

"Gymjoe101" may not theologically be all right, but he does call us back to the same basis choice that Jesus sets before us - a choice that defines "how then shall we live."  I know may Christians whose desire is to bring the return of our Lord as swiftly as they can.  In an irony, these same individuals work as hard as they can to prevent the apocalypse.  They are afraid.  They do not want to have to live through the apocalyptic times described by Christ and scripture. 
Their interest is not in bringing God into the now, but in getting us out of here now! 

How sad that we do not leave the work of God to God and concentrate on obedience to the commands of Christ.  I do not find a command to fight the apocalypse nor one to seek to usher in Christ's return now.  We bring God into the now, we return him to our outward lives, when we love our neighbor.  God has only one standard for love, "love as I have loved you."  Choices, choices, choices! Every hour is filled with choice.  It is our choice! Who then will you choose?  Yourself or your neighbor?  God chose to love. Will you choose to love your neighbor?  If your neighbor, how then will you live?

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