Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Don't Start Today ! - 10/6/2009

Today's Mental Image:

Only Three ?

Concerning Spiritual Change


Do not start today. . .
do not begin to make changes in your life today.

Instead, pick a future date that is not imminent.  Commit to yourself to begin then, and start small.

Remind yourself every day that starting on the stipulated date you will begin.

This creates an internal expection, possibly even an internal eagerness, and when the date arrives you can begin not with a sense of trepidation, but of anticipation.

You will have prepared the soil, and it will be ready to receive seed.
by David Lee Kirkland
[from God's Three Step Plan]

This will not be a universal principle; however, one should not take action until the Holy Spirit gives the time.  Knowing is only one step.  It is not readiness, preparation, nor ability to do what is now known. 

Remember, if you were able to do what the Lord requires your salvation and transformation would be works of the flesh.  Paul reminds us that no good thing resides in the flesh.  That is why it requires God's work in and alongside us to create a strength where our weakness has been identified.

by Wayne Anson

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