Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Famous Ancestors - 11/11/2009

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Be Careful!  Be Aware Of How God Is Treating Israel

The people of Israel are treated as God's enemies, so that the good news can come to you Gentiles. But they are still the chosen ones, and God loves them because of their famous ancestors. Romans 11:28 CEV

Some times we are so intent on speeding the return    
of Christ, that we fail to let God be God.  A good      
example is our attitude and actions toward Israel.     
Scripture is clear that we should love Israel and the    
Israelites.  Also clear, we should pray for them and    
for the peace of Jerusalem.  However, the last word  
we have says "the people of Israel are treated as      
God's enemies."  There will be a return in the last       
days to God, but God includes His Son Jesus and     
so that return will be a turning to Christ as their true   
Messiah.  Till then they remain a people, a nation    
treated by God as his enemies.  While that does not  
give us a right or responsibility to hate them or to     
treat them as enemies - God still loves them be-        
         cause of their famous ancestors and we should too-           
we need to be careful lest we try to play God, try      
to soften God's current plans and treatment.  Play -   
ing God has long been one of our personal and cor- 
porate sins.  And one He does not take lightly.          

Be Careful!

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