Tuesday, November 10, 2009

800 Pastors & Ministers Attempt Suicide - 11/10/2009

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Hanged Himself

Have you heard…

here in America, pastors and ministers are leaving the ministry at a rate of 1500 per MONTH… or 18,000 per year… GULP! 800 of these leaders attempt suicide EVERY MONTH…

many of them succeeding!

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here in America, there are 4000 new churches
planted each year?  that would be great
if it were not for the fact that

here in America, there are ALSO 7000 existing
churches closing their doors.
this is a net loss of 3000 churches

each year! And while Christianity is growing
all over the WORLD, the American church
faces the very STARTLING probability of
losing 30,000 churches in the next ten years…
if something does not change.


Why is this happening?
Well, of course there are many reasons…
today I am going to focus on JUST ONE.

Having traveled around the world and visited many countries, I have noticed a deadly glitch of society here in my own fatherland. We have become a rebellious nation… a nation that despises and curses its authorities. We are more swift than any generation in human civilization to uncover the shortcoming of our leaders… we lynch mob the man or woman that slips up and exposes a fault.

We have become bloodthirsty for the violent decapitation of our leaders! We LOVE to hear about the SINS and FAILURES of our leaders… and even though they were merciful to us in our darkest hour… even though they helped us to get back up when WE fell down: just as soon as we FIND SOMETHING to bring them down, we turn on the leader who laid his life down for ours… and we forget about every kind deed done… we forget about all the times they were THERE FOR US IN OUR MIDNIGHT HOURS… we sharpen our teeth and slit the wrist that fed us! And if this doesn’t change… we will kill off all our leaders until we are left WITHOUT A VISION… WITHOUT A DIRECTION… WITHOUT ORDER… in utter chaos, we will drink down the cup of our anarchy.

by Chuck Balsamo

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