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Tips For Growers - 11/9/2009

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Pray For Growth

How People Grow
by Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend
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Keep In Step With The Holy Spirit

Tips for growers:

  • Seek and understand your security in God and how he is seeking you through his Spirit.
  • Learn how he is at work.  Learn the things the Holy Spirit will do.
  • Seek him as a person in a relationship.  Depend on him as a person moment by moment for all that you need.
  • Ask for help in every situation.
  • Follow him.
  • Yield to him.
  • Ask him to show you and reveal to you what you do not know about everything in life.
  • Don't confuse pain and suffering with a lack of his presence.  Ask him to be with you in the pain and suffering and do all of the above in the midst of it.
  • Examine yourself always to make sure you are in the faith and his life is in you.
  • Pray for his supernatural healing and deliverance when needed.
  • Remain in the paradox of both you and God living your life.

How People Grow
Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend


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