Sunday, November 15, 2009

A Glorious Life - 11/15/2009

Today's Mental Image:

[ Trials and Temptations ]

 God will bless you,
If you don't give up when your faith is being tested.
 He will reward you with a glorious life,
just as he rewards everyone who loves him. James 1:12 CEV

That's an interesting tidbit we overlook.  Seems to me we often measure blessing on the basis of not being tested at the moment.  Surely God loves us because he is letting us have an easy time!  But, James (i.e., the God speaking through James) says: "God will bless you, if you DON'T GIVE UP WHEN YOUR FAITH IS BEING TESTED."  Seems God has a lot to say to us in these last days.  A lot about attitudes and beliefs that have slipped in unawares, taken root, and which, if we give them up, will tear the fabic of our lives, thoughts, and judgments.  However, these attitudes and beliefs are being made clear.  [Plain is the word often used by the inspired writers' pens.]  A "James 1:12" suddenly bursts with the light of truth and we gasp!
"Oh, God can it be!"  Meaning how can it be that we hold a belief opposite of the truth!  How wonderful that God loves us enough to bring these "Oh God!s" to our attention.

  Teach us, now, Lord how to walk and think in a different way!

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