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GOD'S PLAN A: People - 11/16/2009

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Jesus and His Disciples

How People Grow
by Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend
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GOD'S PLAN A:  People

A Personal Story
pages 117-119  of book

Quotes From Henry Cloud's Personal Story:

  • During my own "hitting bottom" experience, I (Henry) went to dinner with a Christian friend.  I told him how depressed I had been and how much I felt God had let me down.

  • I had asked God to help me, and I wasn't feeling any better.

  • I had thought that if you prayed, God would make you feel better.  I still felt lousy.

  • I concluded God was not doing much.

  • It was good to talk to my friend, but I was bummed out that the only Christian I knew very well didn't know how to get God to make me feel better.

  • I wondered, Does God really make people feel better?

  • I called the number my friend gave me.

  • This couple [Bill and Julie] really took me in.

  • The decided they wanted to "disciple" me - a concept I had never heard of.  They thought I needed to learn more about God, and since I had nothing else on the horizon, I thought, "Why not?"

  • I learned a lot about God.

  • He taught me about doctrine and how to interpret the Bible, and he tried to answer any questions I had.

  • As time went on, I could feel something changing in me.  I don't know how to put it into words, but it was as if God was coming into view.

  • A structure for understanding God began to take shape as I studied the Bible.

  • An experience of God took shape as I learned about spending time in prayer (sometimes hours) both by myself and with Bill and Julie.  At times I could actualy feel God in the room.

  • While Bill taught to me about God, Julie talked to me about my life.  As I opened up, I found there was a lot inside of me I had never even thought about. 

  • The emptiness I had been feeling was not emptiness at all, but sadness and hurt.

  • I knew I was sad about the loss of my dream to play professional golf, but I got in touch with other losses and hurts as well.

  • We worked through those materials (counseling materials that walked one through an "inventory" of the soul) together.

  • As we did I learned I had a lot to work through, I found I had not only hurts, but forgiveness issues, both for myself and for others I held things against.

  • Great loads were lifted off my shoulders as I went through this process.

  • At the same time, Bill and Julie encouraged me to join a small group that examined my life.

  • I learned things about myself and how I related to people.

  • The members of this group taught me that I was "emotionally detached" and did not let people get close to me.

  • They showed me I knew very little about love and most of my life had been based on performance and accomplishment, not "abiding intimacy."

  • They challenged all of my relational patterns.

  • When I was wrong, they confronted me.

  • At first I felt bad and guilt-ridden when confronted, but later I learned the freedom that comes with being confronted in love.  I found out people could discipline me and at the same time be for me and not against me.

  • Another thing happened in this same community, Bill and Julie and others saw something in me I had not seen.

  • They said I had a particular gift for understanding the Bible as it relates to counseling issues and I had the gift of insight into those matters. For my part, I was feeling an increasing desire to study the Bible and counseling.  These two paths, the external one and the internal one, merged, and before long I knew God was calling me to go into the field of Christian counseling.

  • One day, sometime later and after going into counseling myself, I realized my depression and my feelings of emptiness were gone.  I actually felt good about life and about me.

  • God had changed my life.  My life had taken a 180-degree turn.  But God had not healed me when I had sought healing.  He had not supernaturally "zapped" me.  God's supernatural zapping seemed like Plan A to me.  As I talked about this disappontment, people told me the same thing over and over again: "But God uses people too."

GOD'S PLAN A: People!

How People Grow
Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend


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