Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Secret Of A Dynamic Church - 11/21/2009

Today's Mental Image:

The Weeping Pastor

The article below, from my mother's scrapbook, demonstrates the timeless dynamics of having a dynamic [alive & effective] church.  Often the voice of the past speaks to today - especially when it is a word from God.

The Secret Of A Dynamic Church
by Gordon H. Schroeder
from my Mother's scrapbook

How can you make the pastor's ministry more effective?

  • Build the pastor's spiritual power by praying for him.
  • Build the pastor's reputation by speaking well of him.
  • Build the pastor's morale by encouraging him.
  • Build the pastor's pulpit power by hearing him.
  • Build the pastor's leadership by co-operating with him.
  • But the greatest thing you can do for your pastor is to follow the Christ he preaches.

A church is responsible for what she does to her pastor, as is the pastor for what he does for the church.  Every great church is a monument to one or more great pastors, and every great pastor is a product of one or more great churches.  A dynamic pastor will build his church, and a dynamic churc will build her pastor.

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