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NOW WHAT! ! The MAN of GOD's Wife Left Him For Another Guy In The Church - 11/22/2009

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A Sacrifice!

The MAN of GOD's Wife
Left Him For Another Guy In Church.

Crisis!  We often write about crisises in the church.  About learning to love one another as Christ has loved us.  Through an internet conversation God has provided a living example of loving like Christ and that in one of the most difficut moments which can face a church.  Not a made up and vicious moment, but a true crisis.  This is more than a parable.  This is the real thing - happening in our day!  May God inspire us to great faithfulness as well. [webmaster]

Esslythe from Indonesia writes: Hi Ps (pastor) Chuck and everyone .. “seems the rooms are full here” I guess I'm the one that is not American; and I shocked about the Church Data that you represent above and my heart is so broken. [this was data project the net loss of 30,000 churches in the United States in the next 10 years.] Instead of answering and debating about anything, I would like to say that IT'S TRUE that we need to pray for our (church) leader; bad or good. Some of them were started well and some of them today are “not well” .. I suddenly remembered SAUL; He was a King, God anointed him as a King but later God’s presence left SAUL. (he started good, then he left out because of the shift of God’s priority in his life)

Meanwhile, David was there .. God anointed him as KING even though he was not yet a KING, and he knew somehow that many times SAUL tried to chase him and plan to kill him. David knew .. and not just that, DAVID also HAD A CHANCE to kill Saul but HE DID NOT DO THAT.

We can have a BAD leader, the unhealthy pastor, or any condition (you name it), but WE CAN CHOOSE to be what kind of servant and what kind of pastor. Sadly, many churches today are GOOD on pointing and judging SINNER including minister- YET they’re BAD in serving. All we need today are people who are not just watching, but TOGETHER running and rising up for the generation to come. I'm afraid that we actually (are) the SAUL. We were starting GOOD, and I'm afraid that THE PRESENCE OF GOD left me. I'm afraid, maybe today GOD is preparing a new DAVID in this generation .. in a secret place in a secret time, people that we never expected or a lot younger than us .. but God anointed him with a KING anointing. Lets check on ourselves today .. as we reading ps Chuck’s blog.

My senior pastor is a good man, he is MAN of GOD. in 2005, his wife left him with a guy in a church. 2005 our church was like HIT by a TSUNAMI .. lots of member were out, I saw leaders were quitting and I saw them become a CRAZY JUDGE … and I was crying a lot and I was about to QUIT either .. but GOD told me to stay … God told me to watch and learn … and I'm glad I did.  In 2005 we only a small church. My senior pastor need time to heal. By that time, I can easily judge him because man is the head of the family, like others did. I can easily join the DEMO to make him quit from his pastoral, but I didnt do it.

I remembered DAVID, and I listened to God. My senior pastor has covered me time to time since 1998, and I knew that time that it's time for me to cover him in the day of battle. Of course I was not alone; I was the girl alone actually. Others are 4 guys. That year was a DARKNESS ages for our church; we received so many phone calls; youths were out from church because of the restriction from their parents. My pastor’s schedule was being cancelled here and there .. and we were standing together. We did not judge. By 2007 .. God led us to REFOCUS; God renew everything .. my pastor are totally heal (of course leaving him a living scratch) but today he is a very humble man, he still wearing his wedding ring ..

Lots of story about people that left a church in 2005; they wander from one church to another church and sadly they’re having lots of life problems. I tell you what happen to 4 guy and 1 girl who stand back there covering the pastor … one guy just 2 years older than me is in Boston pastoring an Indonesian church there since 2007; another guy is in Sydney helping Sydney Harvest Church since 2008 and have a good record and is a successful father, husband, and businessman. There’s only 2 guy left; they’re still here. One of them is pastoring the young adult professionals group of 300 people.  The last guy is a YOUTH FREAK, He pastoring 800 youth today .. with me assisting him.

2004 we were only 500 people.  2005-2006 we only have 200 something.  2009 we grow into 1500 and this[2009] December we’re going to HIT 2000.  By 2010 we will have 4 services (including children service; Creative Kids) and a Saturday nite service.

I breath GRACE.  I breath Love each time I remember those darkness years. And I thank GOD I was doing right; specially with the attitude of heart. Like DAVID; a man after his [God's]own heart.

As I read this blog; I pray for America that GOD will rise up many DAVIDs who will turn society to the KNOWLEDGE OF GOD. I pray that the spirit of wisdom and revelation would fall upon America and I pray for you Ps Chuck, I love you and your church .. I breath “healthy and PURE” when I heard about your name and your church. I feel “FRIEND, FAMILY, FUTURE” for you and your church. I love to be there .. really. Hope to see you SOMEDAY. I believe we will ..

God bless you more

See what I [Pastor Chuck] mean… I’ve read this entry something like 5 times now and it MOVES me just the same EVERY time. It’s ALL HEART… thank you Esslythe! May God bless you and Brian as he already has… and EVEN SO MUCH MORE in the future for the way you stood with your pastor when it seemed like the whole world was sending him to hell. Every time I read one of your comments, my life is ENHANCED! God’s hand is ALL OVER your life… He is blessing you with the FAVOR of QUEEN ESTHER!

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