Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Prophetic Voice Of God Is Shouting To The American Church Today - 12/8/2009

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Fundamentally Wrong

The Prophetic Voice of God Is Speaking - SHOUTING - To
The American Church Today! 

First There Were Cautious Voices Speaking With Fear And Trembling, Compassion Yet Grief - - The First Prophetic Martyrs In America Today.  Then A Few Voices Spoke Boldly, Lovingly, But Clear And Crisp - The Bloodied Pulverized Wreck Of Their Lives and Bodies Still Live Among Us Today. 

TODAY - God Is Shouting Through A Multitude Of Voices From Every Corner Of American Christianity And American Christian Media.  God's Evidence Against His People - Especially The Living Copies Of The Churches Of Revelation That Comprise The Majority Of The Local Congregations Today - Is Well Documented.  It Is Biblically Irrefutable! 

That Evidence Even Pours Forth From The Mouths Of Dying Pagans Wondering If The Hope They See In Jesus' Life Is Embodied Anywhere In American Society Today!  Pagans Who Would Beat Down The Doors Of The Local Churches If There Had Not Already Been So Many Of Them Massacred When They Dared To Walk-in.  Dared To Return Again.  Dared To Ask For The Answers To The Burning Needs Of Their Emotions, Minds, Hearts, and Bodies Only To Be Slain For Failure To Become "Like Us." 

Slain For Failure To Embrace Hypocrisy As the Truth.  Failure To Be Content With A Faithless Lack Of Transformation When The SPIRIT Speaking Within Them Caused Them To Cry Out With Moans And Groans The American Church Does Not Understand And Cannot Hear.  

YES!  The Voices Of These Wounded And Massacred Pagans, And Their Families And Friends, Our Total Society, Simply Reinforce A Prophetic Call Of God Unmatched Since The Days Of Isaiah, Jeremiah, Amos, Jonah, Obadiah, Micah, Malachi, And Every Other Recorded Old Testament Prophet! 


We Hold Fundamental Beliefs!  Well Some Few Of Us Do.  We Are The Heirs Of The Gospel And The First Church.  How Can God BE SHOUTING AGAINST US


Because Of Our Lives.  Because Of Our Lies.  Because Of The Amazingly Complex Way We Live And Do Church.  A Way That Is Unbiblical. 



"true godliness don't (sic) turn men out of the world, but enables them to live better in it, and excites their endeavors to mend it."
- William Penn -

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