Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Words from a Quaker Prophet - 4/28/2010

Step Back From The Rhetoric And Listen To God

Neither the last nor the current administration can pass God's mandates for earthly governments. Both the Republican and Democratic parties' stated and written platforms contain world views that deny God's revealed truth. The actual historical results from both declare that only God's words are indeed true and that the "truths" of both parties lie outside the boundaries of the divine.

The failure of the churches to fulfill the mandates of Jesus, the prophets of scripture, and the apostolic writings is deeply at the root of the errors of both political parties and the current spiritual, economic, political, and social problems. Until the people of God repent and return to the full Biblical paths of righteousness, the rage, hatred, and venom of church people from both the conservative and liberal elements will continue to shame the name of Jesus and continue to turn others away from "Christianity," continue to turn our nation away from God.

It is time to step back from the rhetoric and listen to God.

Where are Christians willing to pass that message along.

[written by Wayne Anson]

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