Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Why Do These Items Still Sit On My Windowsill

One robin egg - sun faded. One green rock.  One small peice of bark from South Texas with an air plant on it. Two river rocks.  No, those are the correct colors and tones in the the picture.

Why Do These Items Still Sit On My Windowsill


          I love the color of robin eggs and can't bear to throw it away even though it is faded.

          The green rock has a beautiful jade color when wet and I think it is a green jasper - the first I have ever found.

          The bark with plant comes from my son's yard in Texas.

           The river rocks caught my grandchildren's eye.  One of the picked them up and carried them to my house and I am keeping them for him.

This clay drip catcher made me think of our brains. 

          What items do you hold
          on to in your brain?

          Why do you keep those
          memories, thoughts,
          ideas, beliefs there?

          Should some of them be let go?  Thrown away? 

           Examine you mind.  Are there things, like some in my clay pot,
           that should be let go?

photo credits:
Small Memories by Wayne Anson
Cluttered Mind by ~Zyphyrus

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