Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I've Been Thinking ... about peace

I've been Thinking About Last Week's Post
And Peace

The vine said to the grape, you don't look like me,
taste like me, and you use up all my sap...
Thus ended fruitfulness.

The grape said to the vine, you are too fibrous and stiff,
stuck in the mud - I am the future, I don't need you... 
Thus ended fruitfulness.
 by Mark Adams

Does this apply to peace? The fruit - peace.

Are these the same things being said by countries, idealological systems, different economic systems, political parties, ethnic groups, social classes - the labels and groupings we participate in?

Isn't that the reason behind war?  Behind the absence of peace.

Dead Vines by Ms. Cheez Veeus All rights reserved
Flag_jeep_invasion by goranwc51 @

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