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Is Your Life A Paragraph?

Is Your Life A Paragraph?

"Thoughts are stated in sentences, but they are developed in paragraphs. Whereas a sentence states that May is a lovely month, a paragraph develops the statement by expressing the qualities of sunshine and warmth, of gentle rains, and of blossoming that make May a lovely month. A paragraph, therefore, is a group of related sentences that expand a statement by explaining it, or illustrating it, or proving it. A paragraph gives a statement substance and weight, invests it with meaning, and charges it with conviction. A reader may miss or dismiss a statement, but is held by a paragraph and urged to understand and believe." [from ESSENTIALS OF ENGLISH]

Is the Letter of Your Life Is Writing
In  the Apostle Paul calls us letters. Our lives are being written every moment of everyday and that letter is a witness to the truth of God - whether as a positive witness or as a witness to what isn't truth. How we give out the truth, however, can be effective or easily dismissed. Like a sentence or a paragraph. We are writing out the gospel, the witness of the truth in Jesus Christ.

Does your life make merely make a statement - or a series of statements - that can be easily missed or dismissed? Truth statements, yes, but ineffective, not consistent, or unexpanded, unillustrated statements with no proof?

  • Does your life express the qualities of truth, the qualities of Jesus? Does it explain your statements, illustrate the truth, prove Jesus is Lord?
  • Does your life give your statements substance and weight, invest them with meaning?
  • Does your life crackle with sparks of energy charged with conviction?
  • Do your truth statement stick - held by a paragraph life that urges your readers to understand and believe?

Is Your Life A Paragraph?

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