Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Receiving Recognition Where Recognition Is Due


Some of us, somewhere, absorbed a false humility. The result - we expect other people to be able to somehow mentally intuit our skills, our thoughts, and/or our status as Christian. I'm sorry folks but it just doesn't happen that way. Even Jesus knew that! He didn't wait around for people to discover that he was the Son of God. He did something. He provided actions and words, attitudes and responses, that demonstrated who he was, what his status was. And even then some people missed it.

Are you better than Jesus? More transparent? More discoverable or knowable?

Jesus didn't think so. He said, "Let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify your Father who is in heaven. If you want to be recognized you have to present something that can be seen. Light isn't metaphysical. Something that you just know is there even when it is hidden under a basket or behind blacked out windows and doors. It is physical. It operates by the laws of physics just like your life and your body. No one knows what's inside till you present it on the outside.

If the light of Christianity is to really be seen, quit hiding behind "they ought to know." The light must be  visibly presented. How? Jesus didn't say by some rational, clear argument or teaching. He said your light will be seen by your good works. Your good works will demonstrate their divine source and you'll know their doing so because people will lift up God's name and being because of what you physically present.

Satan, over the last few decades, has convinced us that the problem with others not recognizing the work of God in us lies in the "others." Scripture says just the opposite. Even people who reject our God, who work against what he does through us, who falsely accuse and abuse us, still know within themselves that what they are seeing is the very thing they don't want, can't risk, don't like to acknowledge. And the people they seek to influence - and that influence has become ingrained in the new American culture - when they see what we have presented through physical means, will begin to know the truth and recognize our opposers' lies.

You Can Never Receive Recognition If You Don't Get Out There And Present What You Have To Be Seen.

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